Life Is Not A Problem

"Life is not a problem to be solved. Only fools go on questioning and thinking that answers will help them. Every answer will simply create more questions."
- Osho
Life is not a problem. Unfortunately, majority of the beings on Earth believe that "life is hard" and that we sometimes cannot deal with the stresses and issues that we stumble upon daily. The reason we believe this is because we were told these things. People tend to believe a lot of what they hear, instead of what they feel and see.

 Today I am asking everyone to take a step back, really look at your life, explore your mind and  recognize how you perceive things. Did you find what you really believe, or what someone else has told you to believe?  

For once, instead of judging, be a witness. Learn the real difference between good and bad. Try to become more understanding and aware of yourself, your feelings and thoughts. You are not the mind, you are a witness.

 If you can't make this apart of your everyday routine, try it for one day. 
In one moment, you can realize so much!


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