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On Being Ignored

Sometimes we must face the fact that those we love most tend to . . . wither off in affection.
That's my way of saying it kindly.

That can be a hard thing to accept, but nonetheless, we are beings of excellence and any and every thing is possible.

The Last Letter Of The Year

Earlier I wrote what I thought would be the last letter to my lover. . .
When I sat and read over it, it reflected nothing of a loving nature, so I sat and wrote another letter.
Though the one I am sending contains only half of the content I desire to make that being aware of, I am satisfied. I am at peace and I know I will soon again feel whole.

To be apart from someone you want to be near is such a pain, but during that time much will be learned. Much will be established and I will become more aware of who I am, what I want and how to get where I need to go. Not for once did my love stop me from doing that, and for that I am forever grateful.


After witnessing something very disturbing that my love did against me --If it's not for me, it's against me,
Something poisonous, and I am sure that it was unintentionally done and some excuse will acquire it's perceiving on my behalf. . .  I began to cry.My ego then tempted me in to regretting ever loving such a being, but I am bigger than my ego.
I am the Universe, and I am the Creator.Loving such a being has taught me life lessons that will be with me, directing me in making the best decisions and being undeniably happy.Regardless of if we become what I deeply desire -- majority of the time anyhow, I am grateful for their displaying all of the lovely, despicable, inspiring, contradictory, kind, and weak qualities you could ever find in a character. It has allowed me to accept that no man is perfect, regardless of how highly they think of themselves, how creative they are, the manner of sophistication in which they carry themselves or how many people are intrigued by th…

Golden Haze

I threw my love out the window of your moving car. I expected you to find it after searching really hard. It was a mistake on my behalf to think you could accomplish such a task. A task that required searching 4 corners of a small intersection isn't so bad!
Tomorrow I must find my love as I  always do for you. I'll deliver it kindly and ask for amends for such aggression I showed toward you. That copper ring around your finger should be more than enough to invite me in. All I can promise is that my horns won't flare as we're sliding across your bed.


It amazes me how much things change. Just one year ago, around this time, I was wrapped up in the arms of my lover.

My Ultimate Lover.

That is much different from now. I lay alone frigid, in a confined space. . . with only the memories of his touch.

What does it feel like?

The wind slowly brushing against our warm, throbbing bodies. Like a kiss passionately placed upon the lips; the only way to subside this racing heart. Possibly as comforting as laying in a bed of grass, or maybe like being in the ocean absorbing all of the Sun's radiance; all of the Sea's symmetry.

Divine Love.
And I ask myself, how can my perception of our love be this way, and his, another?

Only patience, dedication and time will tell. To remain loyal to a subject of interest doesn't come hard if passion lays therein. And a great deal of passion exists, more than necessary if I might add.

Did my lover find the Golden Envelope?