It amazes me how much things change. Just one year ago, around this time, I was wrapped up in the arms of my lover.

My Ultimate Lover.

That is much different from now. I lay alone frigid, in a confined space. . . with only the memories of his touch.

What does it feel like?

The wind slowly brushing against our warm, throbbing bodies. Like a kiss passionately placed upon the lips; the only way to subside this racing heart. Possibly as comforting as laying in a bed of grass, or maybe like being in the ocean absorbing all of the Sun's radiance; all of the Sea's symmetry.

Divine Love.
And I ask myself, how can my perception of our love be this way, and his, another?

Only patience, dedication and time will tell. To remain loyal to a subject of interest doesn't come hard if passion lays therein. And a great deal of passion exists, more than necessary if I might add.

Did my lover find the Golden Envelope?


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