After witnessing something very disturbing that my love did against me --If it's not for me, it's against me,
Something poisonous, and I am sure that it was unintentionally done and some excuse will acquire it's perceiving on my behalf. . .  I began to cry.

My ego then tempted me in to regretting ever loving such a being, but I am bigger than my ego.
I am the Universe, and I am the Creator.

Loving such a being has taught me life lessons that will be with me, directing me in making the best decisions and being undeniably happy.

Regardless of if we become what I deeply desire -- majority of the time anyhow, I am grateful for their displaying all of the lovely, despicable, inspiring, contradictory, kind, and weak qualities you could ever find in a character. It has allowed me to accept that no man is perfect, regardless of how highly they think of themselves, how creative they are, the manner of sophistication in which they carry themselves or how many people are intrigued by them.

So, I release my ego from hindering my excellence. I release the pain that I feel whenever one does wrong
by me; not thinking of me. If I were to repeat my lover's words, it would be "doing by us, because you are I."
I won't let my pain control me, because after all it is all illusory.


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