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"What if what you're worried about right now is just an illusion?"That question alone has helped me regain my sense of awareness. It all is an illusion. I often speak of non-attachment, but fail to control myself when it comes to one thing, Love.
If it's what you need, it'll be right there for you. Unfortunately, my desire is much stronger than my need. Eventually I will have what I desire but until then, the only thing I can do is advance entirely.Isn't it much better to feel nothing at all.
Can an image not say a thousand words? I am the editor of this, but still, every time I look at it I see something different. There is balance in this photo, as the left side has more color than the right. The tiger on the left is darker than the tiger on the right. This wasn't done intentionally of course. 
I've found that once you accept your true nature, that you are a God in the chrysalis, there is balance is all that you do. Each day I evolve, and so can everyone if they would realize their true nature. Human Beings walk upon this Earth aimlessly, distracted and misguided. Find your balance.
Master Element Nyooni

The Greater Reflects The Lesser

Human Beings: Join us on our voyage. Enjoy the adventure! Intuition is the best Truth. Please accept this gift from us to you.  May the Earth and Creator be your guide.
From Our Heaven to Yours, Marx Marston

Longing: No Inspiration.

Feels like I'm stuck and there is no place to go.
I don't want to hurt anyone, but all I need right now is to be alone.
At the present moment, there is nothing inspiring surrounding me.
I am in need of a zone to create in, be free to exist and live. I have brilliance within me. Everything that comes to my mind is excellent. I need to let it out. These gifts must be shared. To my lover, my bestfriend, my Sun... this is a moment in which I need your guidance. Send your energy and love my way.