For You

I wish so many things . . .
But most of all I wish things of you.

I wish the love still remained in your heart and that you would remain by my side.
I wish that you would behave in ways that reflect divine nature, but that's just not who you are.
I promised myself that I would never stop fighting for you, that I would never give up.
That promise causes me so much pain.

It's not right to fight for something or someone who doesn't love, appreciate and value you as you do them. It's not right to spend moments in time praying and hoping that clarity is bestowed upon a mind that does not seek what should be sought after. Taking time to write and express myself just to be ignored? That's not right. Building  paradise here on Earth just for an ungrateful being to experience what all men should? Again, that's inappropriate. I fell in love with a product of this world; someone who takes for granted endless love, mystery, relating and understanding. As if you are unconscious. . . as if you are unaware or prefer to seek disaster.

I am saddened by the fact that someone can so easily give their love away.
It hurts that people steer away from real love just to indulge in the ways of man: to continue to be apart of this sickening cycle.
I release all pain, because I am of a higher nature. I hope that one day the fog is blown over and you finally see what I mean.
I am not for common love. . but if that's what your heart desires, I wish you the best in complacency.


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