If You Could Feel It

As I've gone through the last few weeks, realizing that time does not take its time, I've come to accept that no two people can ever feel the same.

With eyes shut, my senses are alert.                    
The feeling of love flows throughout this body,    
The body that you touch, you pour into.              

With full red lips, I anticipate endless pleasure,
I am elated in mind, body and soul.    
 Actions— all consisting of truth.

      Can't excellence be expected when you are the only King.

When you're in the sky I have no worries.                
Your hands pulling me down,                                    
Anxiously I wait.  
All that I am, you are.
All wisdom and knowledge shared,
This is us.

One in our nature, two beings intertwined,                
Such a beautiful unity,                                              
Such a breath of fresh air.  
Like the Sun beaming on my skin,

Your love is gives me warmth,
An energy indispensable.

Like the ocean water, you cleanse me.                    
Everything is what you've become.

And I only have eyes for you.


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