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Once I loved a boyThe Way He loved the Earth, Animals and Children He felt like the most gentle breeze Just the thought of him fills me 
It was bliss. . Then I took a sip of poison  Now I'm God

Thursday- 2556 BE 30 5


A New Love

Over the last two months I've received numerous indications that a new love is about to enter my life and sweep me off of my feet. Am I prepared for this? No, but I accept it whole heartedly. If this person is exactly how I imagine them to be, I am prepared to love better than before. I am ready to know the greatest love, and just not on my behalf. I deserve just as much passion, respect, understanding and admiration that I have given to those around me.

Truth be told, all I want is the one close to my heart right back where he belongs. We've been separated for quite a while, and I have every reason to believe that the renewal of our love could be the one that is swiftly arriving. If I continue in the direction that I am heading, it is possible for that to happen.

Recently I've compared my love to that of the prophets -- how it takes miracles for people to believe, to see and devote themselves to phenomenal beings. I am aware of the fact that humans have issues dealing wit…

Time With A Supreme Being

2556 BE 28 April Sunday 1:40am
This is my documentation  of what Rave Junraess has spoken to me after we’ve pampered her 5 year old princess. WARNING: Ascension Is Near
The thought of her lover discussing things he’s done with a past lover fills her with great disgust. There are some things one doesn’t want to know.  “The past is the past - so why does uneasiness consume me and turn my butterflies into pain? I don’t understand why he feels he has to tell me certain things. What is a nice way to tell him I never want him to speak of that being ever again. What’s wrong with me? Fear consumes me. Five months since we’ve become intimate . . . and time just flies by.”
She takes a long pause and I allow her peace. . . I ask her if she’s done. . but she goes on.
“I am . . . a bit afraid, and I don’t know why. Something feels like its missing. Each day doesn’t feel complete, but at the end of the day. . . I’m satisfied. I want to show people that when your mind is right, you can get whatever you wan…