A New Love

Over the last two months I've received numerous indications that a new love is about to enter my life and sweep me off of my feet. Am I prepared for this? No, but I accept it whole heartedly. If this person is exactly how I imagine them to be, I am prepared to love better than before. I am ready to know the greatest love, and just not on my behalf. I deserve just as much passion, respect, understanding and admiration that I have given to those around me.

Truth be told, all I want is the one close to my heart right back where he belongs. We've been separated for quite a while, and I have every reason to believe that the renewal of our love could be the one that is swiftly arriving. If I continue in the direction that I am heading, it is possible for that to happen.

Recently I've compared my love to that of the prophets -- how it takes miracles for people to believe, to see and devote themselves to phenomenal beings. I am aware of the fact that humans have issues dealing with the visual aspect of life. They misuse the beauty of sight for approving or rejecting everything around them. It is not the eyes, but the mind; The mind is where things become clear, where judgement ceases to exist and reason reveals the true nature of all things perceived.

Because I am consciously creating, I will be able to overcome the aforementioned that exists within my lover. The man I love is not a master of his mind, therefore he is not aware or capable from distinguishing the truth from conditioned beliefs, what I know to be lies.
So I go on, asking him to forgive me for "spewing", when I am simply stating the truth.
I've come to realize that 1) No one is worthy of an apology if they aren't masters of their own mind, 2) I should not be apologizing for speaking the truth.

I've chosen to give myself to you, and it seems as though you can't see that.
I hope you appreciate all the things I say to you, notice about you and feel for you because it's never going to happen again. People don't think like I do, or love like I do. You'll have that common love. Without real expression, progression and blessing. It hurts me to see you deprive yourself.
It's like this. You don't listen to me, but I know eventually you'll  realize that I have taught you a great deal.
I don't want it to be too late when you see all I have to offer you for what it is. You've been captured by this world, I can't have you back until you've mastered your mind.


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