Time With A Supreme Being

2556 BE 28 April Sunday 1:40am

This is my documentation  of what Rave Junraess has spoken to me after we’ve pampered her 5 year old princess.
WARNING: Ascension Is Near

The thought of her lover discussing things he’s done with a past lover fills her with great disgust. There are some things one doesn’t want to know. 
“The past is the past - so why does uneasiness consume me and turn my butterflies into pain? I don’t understand why he feels he has to tell me certain things. What is a nice way to tell him I never want him to speak of that being ever again.
What’s wrong with me? Fear consumes me. Five months since we’ve become intimate . . . and time just flies by.”

She takes a long pause and I allow her peace. . . I ask her if she’s done. . but she goes on.

“I am . . . a bit afraid, and I don’t know why. Something feels like its missing. Each day doesn’t feel complete, but at the end of the day. . . I’m satisfied. I want to show people that when your mind is right, you can get whatever you want. You know how I know everything we believe in is not just something in a book? They can have internal and external peace. How can people not feel the Earth? How can they not feel the Sun in its righteousness? People can feel a sentence or a paragraph but not a tree thats been standing in its glory- having spent 100 years on Earth before us.
I am satisfied to know that this is real, but it’s not real. My mind expands into a deep consciousness of light, peace and happiness. How we think is the real deal. It’s not what is spoken of in churches. It’s endless possibilities.”

That was my version of the conversation I sat and had with my supreme being. 
I was asked to record what I heard, and I did so. 



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