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Subway High Kiss

Second Collage for talent out of Detroit x King Jxxky

N0. 29

Today's A D a y C R E A T E 

P u r p o s e

I will use my talents to achieve rare success.
I will have a lot of love in my life. 
I will use my success to restore the beauty and intuitive nature of all living creatures on Earth.
I will travel the World and experience the greatness it has to offer.

J is for James

I looked upon the night sky and thoughts of you consumed my mind.
Laying beside you by the creek near your barn 
Like playing in your long blonde hair, and feeling your soft lips press gently upon mine. 
You fill me with so much light. . I'm vibrant ---
        x x sex rituals of the occult x x 
Namaste,  Lily 


you are divine
shine your light 

Me: Today

I've gone through life alone.  I took on the responsibility of caring after myself when I was 17. Since then, I've grown to become more caring and supportive to those who are alike. 
Maybe those traits have turned into "smothering" those who need my help, because every time I look around-- after all my efforts and time, I am left alone.
Typically people look outside themselves to find answers to situations like this.. And even when I turn inside, the problem seems to lie exterior. 
From now on I will refrain from giving all of me when it isn't required. Does anyone realize how exhausting it is to constantly give and receive little to nothing back? 
I would like to be supported how I support, and cared for how I care. 
In this life, I have goals I would like to accomplish, and Now I realize that I may have to do these things alone.  Everyone is worried about them.. So why don't I just remain concerned with myself? 
I'm such a "group effort"/ partnership i…

Good Afternoon Earthlings

This is me.  So Raw, So Real.

Ground Zero

I think of you often, lately.Yet I'm never deterred from my goals and aspirations.  Once I was  there, letting you take complete control over me and my happiness, I am far from that place now. 
I am guided by the divine, the cosmic energy and wisdom of the Universe.  What I seek is what seeks me.  I shall transcend this human form and guide my fellow beings high above physicality and materialism. 
Namaste,  lily


It's important to know which direction you're going in life. To set goals and work endlessly to accomplish them; to have a vision for your purpose and being. 
Yesterday I played my first show in about 4 years. I am thankful for every being that came to Keinhaus to support Marx Marston on this journey. We are truly blessed to have the friends we do. 

Sometimes I feel like...

What's with it with this world and the people in it? 

Is anything or any one real anymore?

Creamy Rose Ice