Me: Today

I've gone through life alone.  
I took on the responsibility of caring after myself when I was 17.
Since then, I've grown to become more caring and supportive to those who are alike. 

Maybe those traits have turned into "smothering" those who need my help, because every time I look around-- after all my efforts and time, I am left alone.

Typically people look outside themselves to find answers to situations like this.. And even when I turn inside, the problem seems to lie exterior. 

From now on I will refrain from giving all of me when it isn't required.
Does anyone realize how exhausting it is to constantly give and receive little to nothing back? 

I would like to be supported how I support, and cared for how I care. 

In this life, I have goals I would like to accomplish, and Now I realize that I may have to do these things alone. 
Everyone is worried about them.. So why don't I just remain concerned with myself? 

I'm such a "group effort"/ partnership individual. It's not that I don't like doing things alone; it's that I'd rather share this journey with the best suited companion for me. 

Summary: You are not all that matters.
Nor are your emotions or ideas. 
Everything is connected and is affected by what comes before and after it. 
Progress and move toward your goals.

*personal reference* 



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