Why We Don't Get What We Want In Life

#5 We Think We Have To "Make It Happen"-
All we have to do is ask and there is a Universal being just waiting to help us manifest our desires.

#4 We Are Afraid of Failure-
We become impatient and move on to our next desires before our first creation has manifested. As a result, we end up settling for less and never see the results of our original creations!

#3 We Are Hypnotized By Daily Life-
We become so engaged in making our daily lives "work" that we forget everything else.

#2 Negativity is Popular-
If you want to create your desires in life, all you have to do is think positive thoughts and feel positive vibes.

#1 We Don't Believe We Can BE, DO and HAVE Everything We Want-  
The truth is: The Universe is limitless from the human perspective. We can ask for and create anything and everything we want.. There is still enough left over for everyone else. We are here to experience the process of creation, of being, doing and having all that we want. 

 My intentions for all: 

  • Become inspired to live life to it's fullest potential
  • Overcome attachment to the physical body and enjoy being the immortal soul
  • Apply the truth of this message to your daily experience

Thanks for reading. . . 


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