Week 2

Listening Brings Freedom 

Listening itself is a complete act; the very act of listening brings its own freedom. 
But are you really concerned with listening, or with altering the turmoil within? If you would listen. . in the sense of being aware of your conflicts and contradictions without forcing them into any particular pattern of thought, perhaps they might altogether cease. You see, we are constantly trying to be this or that, to achieve a particular state, to capture one kind of experience and avoid another, so the mind is everlastingly occupied with something; it is never still to listen to the noise of its own struggles and pain. Be simple and don't try to become something or to capture some experience.

Listening Without Effort

If there is truth in what you hear, you will find a remarkable change taking place in you- a change that is not premeditated or wished for, a transformation, a complete revolution in which the truth alone is master and not the creations of your mind. And if I may suggest it, you should listen in that way to everything. You will find that the more you listen to everything, the greater is the silence, and that silence is then not broken by noise. It is only when you are resisting something, when you are putting up a barrier between yourself and that to which you do not want to listen- it is only then that there is a struggle.

Listening to Yourself

When you are listening to yourself, you see self as is and from there decide if there must be a change. Out of that listening the mind becomes healthy and strong. Neither obeying nor resisting, it becomes alive, intense- and it is only such a human being who can create a new generation, a new world. 

Look with Intensity

You only learn when you give your whole being to something. However, when you are in a state of contradiction, when you do not want to learn but are forced to learn, then it becomes merely a process of accumulation. To learn is like reading a novel with innumerable characters; it requires your full attention, not contradictory attention. 

To Learn, the Mind Must Be Quiet

To discover anything new you must start on your own; you must start on a journey completely denuded, especially of knowledge, because it is very easy, through knowledge and belief, to have experiences; but those experiences merely the products of self-projection and therefore utterly unreal, false. If you are to discover what is the new, it is no good carrying the burden of the old, especially the knowledge of another. 

For the discovery of truth there is no path. . . When you want to find something new, when you are experimenting with anything, your mind must be quiet. Thus knowledge and learning are impediments for those who would seek, for those who would try to understand that which is timeless. 


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