My Weekend: The Untethered Mind and Self Self Knowledge

This weekend was quite enjoyable. I started Saturday morning off by going to the post office to pick up a package:

This item fits really well, but is a little short for my liking. . .so I can safely assume they sent me the wrong dress. 

From there I packed Dzhokhar for his weekend visit with his God Mother. He got to see kids play basketball and meet a newborn so I'm sure he had a good time. 

I had tea with Chris before we headed to lunch in Midtown Detroit.

It is really exciting when you can record a song in less than 20 minutes. I wrote and recorded vocals for "Totem", by Ancient Language, the newest project I am apart of. 

Soon there after we were off to Ottawa, Ohio 

I can honestly say that this bar is a great out of state venue. There was a lively crowd, but everyone seemed to know one another very well. The bartenders were kind and even gave us free pitchers of Pabst Blue Ribbon for the evening. The dance floored was filled once the bands started performing. I have never seen people have so much fun as long as I've been playing shows. Drunken women are hilarious to watch dance. Both bands put on a hell of a show that provided the crowd with what seemed like an infinite source of energy. 

This weekend was great to say the least. I am honored to have such amazing people in my life who inspire me.


The transformation of the world is brought about by the transformation of oneself, the self is the product and a part of the total process of human existence. To transform oneself, self-knowledge is essential; without knowing what you are, there is no basis for right thought, and without knowing yourself there cannot be transformation.

The understanding of what you are, whatever it be - ugly or beautiful, wicked or mischievous the understanding of what you are, without distortion, is the beginning of virtue. Virtue is essential, for it gives freedom.


Without self-knowledge, experience breeds illusion; with self-knowledge, experience, which is the response to challenge, does not leave a cumulative residue as memory. Self-knowledge is the discovery from moment to moment of the ways of the self, its intentions and pursuit, its thoughts and appetites. There can never be "your experience" and "my experience"; the very term "my experience" indicates ignorance and the acceptance of illusion.


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