What A Week [End]

Last week on Wednesday morning I called 911 for an ambulance. I've never done this for myself, and never thought I'd have to. I was picked up and rushed to the nearest hospital.

I'd been experiencing dizziness, terrible pain in my chest, vomiting nonstop and just overall feeling like complete shit. Immediately they knew what was wrong with me, I have Type 1 Diabetes. The disease does not run in my family, so I assume I got it after giving birth to Dzhokhar. After 3 days of no eating or drinking I woke up in my hospital bed very unsure of how this all happened to me. How did I let my health get so bad???? I was also diagnosed with Acute Kidney Injury, Acute UTI, Hypokalemia and something else that I cannot remember. 

I maintained a Vegetarian diet for the past 8 years, so the fact that this all happened now is just surprising. I promise to restore my health and rid myself of this disease the best I can.

The worst part of this was not being there for Dzhokhar. I've never been away from him more than 2 days, and 6 was just way too long. The moment he woke up I cried. When I looked into his beautiful gray eyes I could feel this huge void in my heart being filled. 

Now I am home and dreading going back to work tomorrow. I've missed so many posts, and I do plan to play "catch up". 

This is it for tonight, my fingers are all hot and swollen. 



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