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☂ It's a rainy day here in Detroit. . My mood matches it very well. 
I guess this is just one of those weeks, where everything seems so go left instead of right. I consult the I Ching daily and here is what I got for today:

In the face of rising tension, keep still. By constantly renewing your humility, neutrality, and innocence, you make steady gains. 

A steadfast modesty and acceptance, whether external conditions are good or bad, is the mark of the superior person. ☮

Those words reassure me of the power that I have over my situations; which is my attitude. How I view what is happening and act from there is totally up to me, and I've decided to remain calm and at peace. The exterior is not the deciding factor of our lives.


A few days ago this article was shared with me. I wanted to share it again because:

1) Christopher Jarvis [Ancient Language] is one of the greatest artists of our time. 
His style and approach of converting his thoughts and feelings into rhythmic sound, that moves not only your body, but spirit, is unmatched.

2) I've been a fan of his since 2010, and have followed how he's grown as an artist. He continues to advance and his sound is so unique, you know it when you hear it.

3) He's from Detroit and we all LOVE Detroit. The music/art scene is so dense and diverse here, it's rather difficult to distinguish yourself, but he's made his mark & can only continue to experience lasting success.

Please follow the link below for the article & check out "Totem" at the end: 


Fear Makes Us Obey 

Why do we do all this -- obey, follow, copy? Why?
Because we are frightened inwardly to be uncertain. We want to be certain -- we want to be certain financially and morally -- we want to be approved, we want to be in a safe position, we want never to be confronted with trouble, pain, suffering, we want to be enclosed. So, fear, consciously or unconsciously, makes us obey the Master, the leader, the priest, the government. Fear also controls us from doing something which may be harmful to others, because we will be punished. So behind all these actions, greed, pursuits, lurks this desire for certainty, this desire to be assured. So, without resolving fear, without being free from fear, merely to obey or to be obeyed has little significance; what has meaning is to understand this fear from day to day and how fear shows itself in different ways. It is only when there is freedom from fear that there is that inward quality of understanding, that aloneness in which there is no accumulation of knowledge or of experience, and it is that alone which gives extraordinary clarity in the pursuit of the real. 


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