Lion Song [ March ]

Good Morning to you all! I am excited to be making this post today, on my 1 year Anniversary with Christopher Jarvis. This man has supported me through so much over the last year, filled all of my days with love and inspiration, empowered me to be so much better and work hard to accomplish the goals I desire to achieve. Each day he offers me advice and suggestions that I know will shape me into a even more dynamic being. Forever thanking you for all your positive energy and light.

Above is a remix done by him of Bjork's "Lionsong". Please enjoy!


Dependence~ Attachment~ Relationship~ Fear

March 1, 2015
A Free Mind Has Humility
Have you ever gone into the question of psychological dependence? If you go into it very deeply, you will find that most of us are terribly lonely. Most of us have such shallow, empty minds. Most of us do not know what love means. So, out of that loneliness, out of that insufficiency, out of the privation of life, we are attached to something, attached to family; we depend upon it. A mind that is dependent is not free.

You need to be free, because you will see that a mind that is free has a essence of humility. Such a mind, which is free and therefore has humility, can learn- not a mind that resists. Learning is an extraordinary thing- to learn, not to accumulate knowledge. Accumulating knowledge is quite a different thing. What we call knowledge is comparatively easy, because that is a movement from the known to the known. But to learn is a movement from the known to the unknown- you learn only like that, do you not?

March 2, 2015
We Never Question the Problem of Dependence
Why do we depend? Psychologically, inwardly, we depend on a belief, on a system, on a philosophy; we ask another for a mode of conduct; we seek teachers who while give us a way of life which will lead us to some hope, some happiness. So we are always, are we not, searching for some kind of dependence, security. 
If we depend on another for our security, for our inward well-being, there arise out of that dependence innumerable problems, and then we try to solve those problems- the problems of attachment. But we never question, we never go into the problem of dependence itself. Perhaps if we can really intelligently, with full awareness, go into this problem, then we may find that dependence is not the issue at all- that it is only a way of escaping from a deeper fact.
March 3, 2015
There is Some Deeper Factor That Makes us Depend
We know we depend- on our relationship with people or on some idea or on a system of thought. 
. . . Actually, I do not think dependence is the problem; I think there is some other deeper factor that makes us depend. And if we can unravel that, then both dependence and the struggle for freedom will have very little significance; then all the problems which arise through dependence will wither away. So, what is the deeper issue? Is it that the mind abhors, fears, the idea of being alone? And does the mind know that state which it avoids? So long as that loneliness is not really understood, felt, penetrated, dissolved- whatever word you may like to use- so long as that sense of loneliness remains, dependence is inevitable, and one can never be free; one can never find out for oneself that which is true, that which is religion.


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