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❁ A Thing of the Mind ❁

What we call our love is a thing of the mind. Look at yourselves, sirs and ladies, and you will see that what I am saying is obviously true; otherwise, our lives, our marriage, our relationships, would be entirely different, we would have a new society. We bind ourselves to another, not through fusion, but through contract, which is called love, marriage. Love does not fuse, adjust- it is neither personal nor impersonal, it is a state of being. The man who desires to fuse with something greater, to unite himself with another, is avoiding misery, confusion; but the mind is still in separation, which is disintegration. Love knows neither fusion nor diffusion, it is neither personal nor impersonal, it is a state of being which the mind cannot find; it can describe it, give it a term, a name, but the word, the description, is not love. It is only when the mind is quiet that is shall know love, and that state of quietness is not a thing to be cultivated. 

A Beautiful Day  I wanna keep the da…

What Do You Mean by Love?

What Do You Mean By Love? April 11, 2015
Love is the unknowable. It can be realized only when the known is understood and transcended. Only when the mind is free of the known, then only there will be love. So, we must approach love negatively and not positively.

What is love to most of us? With us, when we love, in it there is possessiveness, dominance, or subservience. From this possession arises jealousy and fear of loss, and we legalize this possessive instinct. From possessiveness arise jealousy and the innumerable conflicts with which each one is familiar. Possessiveness, then, is  not love. Nor is love sentimental. To be sentimental, to be emotional, excludes love. Sensitivity and emotions are merely sensations. 
. . . Love alone can transform insanity, confusion, and strife. No system, no theory of the left or of the right can bring peace and happiness to man. Where there is love, there is no possessiveness, no evy; there is mercy and compassion, not in theory, but actually -- f…

W☯E ☯D AY ☯

Voluntarily chosen limits empower your growth. 

Life lived without guidelines means a path with no definition. In order to makes genuine progress in any direction, we must first give some definition to our path. If you will define and observe reasonable limits in all things, you will be assured of steady progress.
If you're anything like me, when you seek guidance you either meditate, turn to the Tarot, or Consult the I Ching. These ancient forms of divination not only comfort in times of my deepest concern, they also provide me with some insight to what is happening within and around my being.

I usually go to sites like: or use my I Ching App. Whatever method you use to seek guidance, please feel free to share it with me! I am open to trying new things.

Today's I Ching Consultation
Increase  Like wind growing stronger and thunder growing louder, this hexagram signifies a time of building up and amassing of energies. A time of prosperity, increased health an…

Dying to Little Things

Have you ever tried dying to a pleasure voluntarily, not forcibly? Ordinarily when you die you don't want to; death comes and takes you away; it is not a voluntary act, except in suicide. But have you ever tried dying voluntarily, easily, felt that sense of abandonment of pleasure? Obviously not! At present your ideals, your pleasures, your ambitions are the things give so-called significance to them. Life is living, fullness, abundance, abandonment, not a sense of the "I" having significance. That is mere intellection. If you experiment with dying to little things -- that is good enough. Just die to little pleasures -- with ease, with comfort, with a smile -- is enough, for then you will see that your mind is capable of dying to many things, dying to all memories. Machines are taking over the functions of memory -- the computers -- but the human mind is something more than a merely mechanical habit of association and memory. But it cannot be that something else if it…

When You Are Totally Inspired

This morning I found out that someone I was really close to has moved to another state. This news was quite a shock, considering I had no idea they were planning to make this huge step in their lives, and also that I wasn't able to see them before this time. Anyhow, I am feeling inspired today. I am glad to see individuals around me executing the plans they've focused on so long. I intend that everyone continues working to progress and enhance the quality of their lives.

The Quality of Desire

. . . What happens if you do not condemn desire, do not judge it as being good or bad, but simply be aware of it? I wonder if you know what it means to be aware of something? Most of us are not aware because we have become so accustomed to condemning, judging, evaluating, identifying, choosing. Choice obviously prevents awareness because choice is always made as a result of conflict. To be aware when you enter a room, to see all the furniture, the carpet or its absence, and so judgm…

Lords Never Worry

Today is my birthday and I am glad to say that this week I've began to make changes to my lifestyle, exercise routine and diet. I indeed to remain positive despite the situations and circumstances I find myself in. This year I plan to release a few products from my brand, being posting collages again, and interact with more individuals on a daily basis. I believe that in order to optimize this life experience we should practice The Envisioning Method.

Follow these six steps in a meditative format:
1. Love: See yourself for what you are, a piece of consciousness directly connected to every other life form on planet Earth.
2. Happiness:  Know that when you express gratitude for beautiful moments in life, you open the way for these moments to repeat themselves and grow in terms of their magnitude. 
3. Forgiveness: Know that at a deeper level we are one, and any negative charge towards any other living person is a charge against yourself.
4. Vision: As you wrap, mentally, tell…

Trap Lord

Understanding Desire
We have to understand desire; and it is very difficult to understand something which is so vital, so demanding, so urgent, because in the very fulfillment of desire passion is engendered, with pleasure and the pain of it. And if one is to understand desire, obviously, there must be no choice. You cannot judge desire as being good or bad, noble or ignoble, or say, "I will keep this desire and deny that one." All that must be set aside if we are to find out the truth of desire -- the beauty of it, the ugliness or whatever it may be. 

This album is great! I love the transitions between each song. Check out this album if you're in an upbeat mood.

There Is Only Craving

There is no entity separate from craving; there is only craving, there is no one who craves. Craving takes on different masks at different times, depending on its interests. The memory of these varying interests meets the new, which brings about conflict, and so the chooser is born, establishing himself as an entity separate and distinct from craving. But the entity is not different from its qualities. The entity who tries to fill or run away from emptiness, incompleteness, loneliness, is not different from that which he is avoiding; he is it. He cannot run away from himself; all that he can do is to understand himself. He is his loneliness, his emptiness; and as long as he regards it as something separate from himself, he will be in illusion and endless conflict. When he directly experiences that he is his own loneliness, then only can there be freedom from fear. Fear exists only in relationship to an idea, and idea is the response of memory as thought. Thought is the result of exp…