Lords Never Worry

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Today is my birthday and I am glad to say that this week I've began to make changes to my lifestyle, exercise routine and diet. I indeed to remain positive despite the situations and circumstances I find myself in. This year I plan to release a few products from my brand, being posting collages again, and interact with more individuals on a daily basis. I believe that in order to optimize this life experience we should practice The Envisioning Method.

 Follow these six steps in a meditative format:

1. Love: See yourself for what you are, a piece of consciousness directly connected to every other life form on planet Earth.

2. Happiness:  Know that when you express gratitude for beautiful moments in life, you open the way for these moments to repeat themselves and grow in terms of their magnitude. 

3. Forgiveness: Know that at a deeper level we are one, and any negative charge towards any other living person is a charge against yourself.

4. Vision: As you wrap, mentally, tell yourself, "Let this or something better unfold in my life." 
Wrap: visualizing the different aspects of your life as you want them to unfold in the next few years.

5. Control: Visualize yourself making today amazingly wonderful too. You are must envision yourself living the best version of everyday you get to experience. You are in control of the attitude that shapes the way you experience certain situations and act under unwanted circumstances.

6. Support: Know that you are supported by the universe. Luck is on your side, and the Universe has your back. 

I've come across a document that explains how meditating on these six things daily enhance the quality of our lives by allowing us to be in a constant state of flowing with all that surrounds us; and also make lasting changes in body, mind and emotions. If you would like that document to begin your own journey of self improvement please contact me at nyooni@disciples.com.

Desire Has To Be Understood

Let us go on to consider desire. We know, do we not, the desire which contradicts itself, which is tortured, pulling in different directions; the pain, the turmoil, the anxiety of desire, and the disciplining, the controlling. And in the everlasting battle with it we twist it out of all shape and recognition; but it is there, constantly watching, waiting, pushing. Do what you will, sublimate it, escape from it, deny it or accept it, give it full rein -- it is always there. And we know how the religious teachers and others have said that we should be desireless, cultivate detachment, be free from desire -- which is really absurd, because desire has to be understood, not destroyed. If you destroy desire, you may destroy life itself. If you pervert desire, shape it, control it, dominate it, suppress it, you may be destroying something extraordinarily beautiful. 


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