W☯E ☯D AY ☯

Voluntarily chosen limits empower your growth. 

Life lived without guidelines means a path with no definition. In order to makes genuine progress in any direction, we must first give some definition to our path. If you will define and observe reasonable limits in all things, you will be assured of steady progress.

If you're anything like me, when you seek guidance you either meditate, turn to the Tarot, or Consult the I Ching. These ancient forms of divination not only comfort in times of my deepest concern, they also provide me with some insight to what is happening within and around my being.

I usually go to sites like: www.tarotgoddess.com or use my I Ching App. Whatever method you use to seek guidance, please feel free to share it with me! I am open to trying new things.

Today's I Ching Consultation

Like wind growing stronger and thunder growing louder, this hexagram signifies a time of building up and amassing of energies. A time of prosperity, increased health and vitality is drawing near. Use this increased flow of good fortune to support others, foster your education or start a business. Expect a burst of creative power that will be sustained easily. Shoulder your responsibility wisely. Let forces combine for greater abundance and let your inner drive propel you forward.

Description of Changes 
The changes to line 1 indicate: "Increasing Great Deeds"- Set your aspirations high and step forward without selfishness. You will see the results. Seek out and contribute to a worthy cause. The changes to line 3 indicate: "Enrichment through Misfortune"- This line indicates that even if misfortune falls upon you, you will still be untouched by it. Realize you are free of error and blame, and unpleasant circumstances will not affect you. Support is guaranteed at this time.

The Future
Advantage can often be gained by moving backwards temporarily, before again moving forward. This is a time to take a break, go on vacation or spend time alone. Step away from the "battlefield" for a time. Be willing to survey progress as well as losses. Cut losses and allegiances that hold you back from your goals. Reevaluate everything. Retreat can be a sign of strength here. This type of retreat is not the same as surrender; this is a regrouping of your forces.


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