What Do You Mean by Love?

What Do You Mean By Love?
April 11, 2015

Love is the unknowable. It can be realized only when the known is understood and transcended. Only when the mind is free of the known, then only there will be love. So, we must approach love negatively and not positively.

What is love to most of us? With us, when we love, in it there is possessiveness, dominance, or subservience. From this possession arises jealousy and fear of loss, and we legalize this possessive instinct. From possessiveness arise jealousy and the innumerable conflicts with which each one is familiar. Possessiveness, then, is  not love. Nor is love sentimental. To be sentimental, to be emotional, excludes love. Sensitivity and emotions are merely sensations. 

. . . Love alone can transform insanity, confusion, and strife. No system, no theory of the left or of the right can bring peace and happiness to man. Where there is love, there is no possessiveness, no evy; there is mercy and compassion, not in theory, but actually -- for your wife and for your children, for your neighbor and for your servant. . . Love alone can bring about mercy and beauty, order and peace. There is love with its blessing when "you" cease to be. 

As Long As We Possess, We Shall Never Love
April 12, 2015

We know love as sensation, do we not? When we say we love, we know jealousy, we know fear, we know anxiety. When you say you love someone, all that is implied; envy, the desire to possess, the desire to own, to dominate, the fear of loss, and so on. All this we call love, and we do not know love without fear, without envy, without possession; we merely verbalize that state of love which is without fear, we call it impersonal, pure, divine, or God knows what else; but the fact is that we are jealous, we are dominating, possessive. We shall know that state of love only when the aforementioned come to an end; and as long as we possess, we shall never love. . . When do you think about the person whom you love? You think about her when she is gone, when she is away, when she has left you. . . 
So, since you miss the person whom you say you love only when you are disturbed, when you are in suffering; and as long as you possess that person, you do not have to think about that person, because in possession there is no disturbance.  

Thinking comes when you are disturbed- and you are bound to be disturbed as long as your thinking is what you call love. Surely, love is not a thing of the mind; and because the things of the mind are jealousy, envy, ambition, the desire to be somebody, to achieve success. These things of the mind fill your hearts, and then you say you love; but how can you love when you have all these confusing elements in you? When there is smoke, how can there be a pure flame? 

This week I would like to take the time to feature poems by a dear friend of mine, Evan Maina. He is a 22 year old writer from Kenya, Africa and enjoys writing theses poems and sharing them with me.
I really enjoy his work, so please feel free to comment, share and like these next few posts containing Maina's poems. 

OUT THERE I HAVE A FRIEND                    
                   Beyond the longest stream of life there lies a pond waiting to be refilled from it's origin. I sip from the stream and swallow with pride. I wish i could send a letter to my friend for her to know i care expecting a reply from an envelope that i need not to hear.                     Down the stream it will flow with the rhythm so wavy with a message of love and care sealed in it. What lies beneath the stream I don't care; just let my letter through without distorting my message. Out here my friend it's full with a fresh smell of the moisty air. A smell you can not ignore even if you were allergic to dust. Out there my friend i wonder if the air feels like here. Is it warm or cold where you play with your little love? Is the music in your ears so noisy than the people around you? Out there i have sent a poem because i have a friend out there.  

Love Is Not a Duty
April 13, 2015

. . . When there is love, there is no duty. When you love you share everything-- your joy, your trouble, your anxiety; you do not dominate. You are not the man and she the woman to be used and thrown aside, a sort of breeding machine to carry your name. When there is love, the word duty disappears. It is the man with no love in his heart that talks of rights and duties, and in this country duties and right have taken the place of love. Regulations have become more important than the warmth of affection. 

When there is love, the problem is simple; when there is no love, the problem becomes complex. 
The words rights and duties have been invented in this static society; a deteriorating society, that throws these words at you once you've "rebelled". If you really examine your hearts and minds, you will find that you have no love. 


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