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Relationships; Reading The Fine Print

Let them wait. And wait they do. All relationships are like contractual agreements. Each party expects to receive certain things. In our intimate relationships, sex is like a signature on the contract. Unfortunately, many of us sign the contract without reading the fine print. By the time we discover what kind of deal we are being offered, we are bound by our signature. Some contracts have a ninety-day grace period. This gives the parties the opportunity to examine the merchandise, test the service, make any necessary adjustments or bow out of the agreement. It makes sense to apply a grace period to our intimate relationships. We may need time to assess behavior; true intentions and the performance history of the prospects. The fine-print issues such as habits, motive and background cannot be seen with closed eyes.
I am willing to read the fine print.

In Considering Marriage

We are trying to understand the problem of marriage, in which is implied sexual relationship, love, companionship, communion. Obviously there is no love, marriage becomes a disgrace, does it not? Then it becomes mere gratification. To love is one of the most difficult things, is it not? Love can come into being, can exist only when the self is absent. Without love, relationship is a pain; however gratifying, or however superficial, it leads to boredom, to routine, to habit with all its implications. Then, sexual problems become all important. In considering marriage, whether it is necessary or not, one must first comprehend love.

Surely, love is chaste, without love you cannot be chaste; you may be celibate, whether a man or woman, but that is not being chaste,that is being pure, if there is no love. If you have an ideal chastity, that is if you want to become chaste, there is no love in it either because it is merely the desire to become something which you think is noble, which y…

Sometimes We Need To Be Reminded

We are using all the power of our creation to create a dream that sets us up to suffer for the rest of our lives.
Mastering Awareness
(Or Truth)

We cannot be free if we don't what we are, where we are, or what kind of freedom we are looking for.
In this mastery we become aware of the fog that is in our mind. We become aware that we are dreaming all the time.

The Mastery of Transformation

This shows us how to change the dream of our life and put order into the chaos of our mind. It helps us face / transform our fears and get what we want; freedom to live our own lives instead of the life of a Parasite or the belief system. This is achieved by changing our agreements and programming our own mind in our own way.

 The Mastery of Love
(Or Intent)

Love is that part of life that make the transformation of energy possible. It is life itself.
When we master love, we master the dream of our life, and when all three masteries are accomplished, we reclaim our divinity and become one with Go…

Long, Busy Time

Good Morning Everyone,
I know it's been 3 whole months since I made a post, but great news:
Over the last three months I've undergone so many changes mentally, physically and within my career. I am proud to say that I am focused on what matters most to me again. Sharing my wisdom, being a source of light to all that surrounds me , and continuing to build a foundation for my small family. I intend that you all are ready to accept me back into your hearts and mind each day.

"Science of Being" What is being?
 Being is life, it is existence. To be is to live, exist; both find expression in the different aspects of living: thinking, speaking, doing, experiencing, feeling; all have their basis in Being. The existence, life, or Being is the unmanifested reality of all that exists, lives or is.  The being is the ultimate reality of all that was, is or will be. It is eternal and unbounded, the basis of all the phenomenal existence of the cosmic life.

I am that e…