Long, Busy Time

Good Morning Everyone,
I know it's been 3 whole months since I made a post, but great news:

Over the last three months I've undergone so many changes mentally, physically and within my career. I am proud to say that I am focused on what matters most to me again. Sharing my wisdom, being a source of light to all that surrounds me , and continuing to build a foundation for my small family. I intend that you all are ready to accept me back into your hearts and mind each day.

"Science of Being"
What is being?

 Being is life, it is existence. To be is to live, exist; both find expression in the different aspects of living: thinking, speaking, doing, experiencing, feeling; all have their basis in Being. The existence, life, or Being is the unmanifested reality of all that exists, lives or is.  The being is the ultimate reality of all that was, is or will be. It is eternal and unbounded, the basis of all the phenomenal existence of the cosmic life.

 I am that eternal Being, thou art That and all is that eternal Being in it's essential nature.
The essential nature of Being is absolute bliss consciousness: Sat-Chit-Ananda.
Sat: Never changes
Chit: Consciousness
Ananda: Bliss
The life of the individual without the realization of Being is baseless, meaningless and fruitless. Thus, Being is that which is the basis of life, gives it meaning, and make its fruitful. Being is the living presence of God, the reality of life. It is eternal truth. It is the absolute in eternal freedom.
Being, The Essential Constituent of Creation


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