Sometimes We Need To Be Reminded

We are using all the power of our creation to create a dream that sets us up to suffer for the rest of our lives.

Mastering Awareness
(Or Truth)

We cannot be free if we don't what we are, where we are, or what kind of freedom we are looking for.
In this mastery we become aware of the fog that is in our mind. We become aware that we are dreaming all the time.

The Mastery of Transformation

This shows us how to change the dream of our life and put order into the chaos of our mind. It helps us face / transform our fears and get what we want; freedom to live our own lives instead of the life of a Parasite or the belief system. This is achieved by changing our agreements and programming our own mind in our own way.

 The Mastery of Love
(Or Intent)

Love is that part of life that make the transformation of energy possible. It is life itself.
When we master love, we master the dream of our life, and when all three masteries are accomplished, we reclaim our divinity and become one with God, the Divine, whatever you may call the Higher Power, the source of energy from which we all stem from.
Only then, every action we take will be an expression of the one being.
This is the goal of Toltec Wisdom / Toltec Beliefs

Here is a video I would love to share with you all from Vishen, the founder of Mindvalley. I intend that this video inspires you to make the necessary changes in your life so that you may experience what it is like to live a happy, stress-free, productive life.


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