☜ The End | The Beginning ☞

 If you want know the end, look at the beginning.

Wherever you are in your heart and mind at the moment at the outset of a relationship is where you will be at the end. Whatever you bring to the start of the relationship is what you will have to clean up in the end. You cannot begin a relationship in dishonesty and deceit and hope to experience an honest end. If you run into a relationship to get get away from another, you will run into another one to get away from this one. If you enter a relationship in fear, anger or grief, you stand a pretty good chance of finding more of the same. If you enter a relationship in sadness, desperation and pain, guess what? You will find it again. If we want to put an end to angry, bitter and ugly separations, we must begin relationships with the open, loving honesty we say we want. If we do not know who we are and how we feel at any time, it is best that we stay alone. 

 I will be better at the beginning to avoid anything worse at the end. 

Anything dead coming back hurts.

If you keep going in and out of the same relationship, chances are you are going to get hurt. People come together in relationship to learn. Once you learn your lesson it is time to move on. Take your lesson from the last time and move on to something new. If you insist on drinking from the same used cup, you will eventually get sick. You can do the same old things in just so many ways until you lose track of what you are doing. How many ways can you cry? How many ways can you hurt? How many ways can you convince yourself that you can make this work? When a relationship is over, you must learn to let go. No matter how much you love the other person, or how afraid you are that you will never love again, you cannot squeeze juice from a piece of dry fruit, so don't bother to try.

When it is over, I am on to the next thing.


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