F r e e d o m

Spend time alone in objective thought as you consider the direction of your life.
I Ching (The Receptive)

The entire purpose of life here on Earth is for people to be free. Why then do we spend so much time acquiring things to make us comfortable and tie us down? Our possessions keep us in bondage to jobs, debts, situations and conditions. We spend precious time fighting with one another as to the right way to fight for the freedom we want. 

Women want to be free. We sit idly as men control the markets, industries and services that are essential to our survival. Women complain that men oppress them, yet at the same time they believe the things men say women cannot do. 

Men say they want to be free. The average man spends his average day watching someone else, wondering what someone else is doing, believing someone else is waiting for an opportunity to take what he has. 

What's the matter with these pictures? We will never be free as long as we need something or someone else to give it to us. Freedom is a state of mind, not a tangible condition. 

Affirmation: I surrender everything to my freedom.


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