Vibratory Signature of Consciousness

Each of us is stamped with vibratory signature of our own state of consciousness. 
- Paramahansa Yoganada 

 We become very offended if someone says we don't measure up of if they criticize our actions. We think they are picking on us because of our ethnicity, gender or because "they" have a problem. We must consider what they are actually saying before we dismiss what could be valuable criticism. Consider the things we think about ourselves: "I'm not good enough," I'm not smart enough," "I didn't do it right," "So and so did it better than me," "I don't know what I'm doing," and so on. Life is an accurate reflection of our consciousness. People will usually say to us they very things we think to ourselves. If we want others to speak well of us, we must first think well of ourselves. The next time someone criticizes you, think, "Where have I heard that before?"

Affirmation: I think positively about me and speak positively to me.

We are each born with limitless capacity for pleasure and enjoyment.
- Sondra Ray 

Relationships do not just happen. No matter how we meet our mate or who makes the introduction, we create all the relationships we experience. We each have the capacity to bring to ourselves the exact relationship we want. Unfortunately, most of us are not willing to do the work. We must begin the work by looking at the "self" and getting clear about how it feels. We cannot expect to attract a loving, generous mate if we are angry and withholding. We must stop blaming the past for our condition now. Wherever we are, what we have or don't have is no one's fault but our own. If by chance someone else made a contribution to the mess we were creating, forgive them the mess and move on. Finally, we must give thanks for all we have been; all we have had; all we are becoming. When we take the limits, restrictions and fears off our hearts, our cup of love will run over.

Affirmation: I will look at me before I look for love.

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