Your mate is your mirror. 

Many of us think that we are lucky or blessed when we find just the right person to love. By now we know that nothing in life is an accident, including our selection of a mate. The people who come into our lives are a reflection of who we are. They reveal to us those things we cannot or refuse to see about ourselves. The very thing we don't like about our mate is the thing we need to change. The thing we love about the other person is a hidden, undeveloped or unrecognized asset that we have. 

 We can only draw to us those people who are on our ray, our level of energy and development. They reflect back to us the very things we  do. Most of us reject this idea. But then most of us reject criticism, too. We find it difficult to accept those things about us that others see. We do, however, feel completely justified when we criticize our mates. Here's a question for you: How would you know what to call what you see in your mate unless you had seen it somewhere else?

Affirmation: I am looking in the mirror of self and making adjustments in me.


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