Like An Atom Bomb

When you say "I love you", you are actually saying you have awakened a place in me where I am love. - John Rogers

Deep within our being is a place of peace, joy and knowing. It is a place called love. We are not taught to live from that place for ourselves. We are taught to shower it on others. We do for others what we will not do for ourselves. We give to others what we think we do not deserve. We turn to others for the very feeling that comes from self. We are love from the core of our being. It is the energy by which  we are born. We breathe love. We see love. We have our being in love. Why can't we learn to love ourselves the same way we love others? If we can live from our being of love, we can't help but attract more of what we are. Love is what we are. When we know that and live through it, we can live "in love" with ourselves. 

Affirmation: I Am Love.

A relationship is placing one's heart and soul in the hands of another while taking charge of another one's soul and heart. - Kahlil Gibran

When we enter a relationship, we don't often think or see beyond the physical being. We are attracted to the body, face or personality. We may like what the person does or how they do it and want to be a part of that. We may even experience a pull from within that we can't actually explain. But how often do we stop to consider the true depth of the person we are attracted to? There is a being before us who has a past, present and future. There are flesh and bones, hurts and scars, feelings, thoughts and ideals. When we enter the world of another being we must be willing to be a part of it all. When someone entrusts their heart to you they are giving you a piece of their soul. You cannot treat a soul casually. You must protect, nurture and handle it with care. Our interactions with one another go far beyond the face, body and hair. One other thing we must consider when we enter someone's heart, there is a heart and soul inside of us which they will play a part. 

Affirmation: I respect the heart, mind and soul of my friends and lovers.


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