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A Vision for Relationships 

We see a world where people enter into loving relationships because they are intending to help and support each other in fulfilling whatever the other's dreams are; where all of the Old Ways that incurred obedience and obligation have gone away; where none need consult the blessings of any government in order to pledge their love or separate from one another; and where all men and women retain their personal freedom within the relationship.

We see a world where laws are not a consideration at all because we have evolved to the point where we are living in a loving world; where everyone is expressing their love freely; and where we understand that relationships may or may not last for the whole of one's life. Accordingly, we see a world where people who choose to go on with their lives alone, without the other, are free to do so. We do this because we have learned that sharing, letting go of our attachment, and giving freely of all things is how people who truly care for one another relate.

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Gratitude Exercises

For the past three weeks I've been reading, "The Magic". by Rhonda Byrne. If you haven't heard of this book I highly recommend you adding it to your book list. Go ahead and click the title if you're interested in purchasing the book, or you can visit your neighborhood library to borrow a copy!

 I am going to share with you 3 exercises that I really enjoy. Each day I see the increasing changes in my life in result of these practices. They are very simple and I hope you enjoy them as well!

1. Gratitude
  • Upon waking in the morning, list 10 things you are grateful for
    * They cannot be the same *
  • You must also write why you grateful for them
  • Afterwards read your list and say "thank you" after each thing you are grateful for
  • Do this for 30 days
2. The Best Thing That Happened To You Today
  • First you must find a rock or stone that resonates well with you
  • It must  be flat and small enough to fit in your palm comfortably
  • At the end of  each day reflect on the best thing that happened to you today
  • This allow you to recognize many great moments during the day and adds to the amount of gratitude you are expressing
  • Do this for 30 days
3. Magical Relationships
  • Here we turn our attention to relationships
  • Each day write choose 3 people you would  like to work on your relationship with 
  • List 5 things you are grateful to that person for
    Ex: (Name), Thank you for, ____________________________________.
  • Do this for 30 days

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