Tuesday, April 14, 2015

❁ A Thing of the Mind ❁

What we call our love is a thing of the mind. Look at yourselves, sirs and ladies, and you will see that what I am saying is obviously true; otherwise, our lives, our marriage, our relationships, would be entirely different, we would have a new society. We bind ourselves to another, not through fusion, but through contract, which is called love, marriage. Love does not fuse, adjust- it is neither personal nor impersonal, it is a state of being. The man who desires to fuse with something greater, to unite himself with another, is avoiding misery, confusion; but the mind is still in separation, which is disintegration. Love knows neither fusion nor diffusion, it is neither personal nor impersonal, it is a state of being which the mind cannot find; it can describe it, give it a term, a name, but the word, the description, is not love. It is only when the mind is quiet that is shall know love, and that state of quietness is not a thing to be cultivated. 

A Beautiful Day 
I wanna keep the day forever treasured in my heart and mind, forever that I wish I will always feel it glowing. Each glow representing that feeble memory but was the sweetest of all. Beautiful things I did today before calling it a day. The kush. . . you would wish we shared the day experiencing what was offered that made this beautiful day. The mash up and turn up representing my urge to avoid the negative display- The enemies attitude of mixing black add grey, and disrupt the charging prey making the predator become a menace in a day. I wish I could offer a hand for those who've been having a strange day. Walk with them till we reach to that point of the day where we eat and sip appreciating the beauty of a beautiful day..After that fall I fell i had to hide that painful yell back in the day before I remembered my believe would offer some cover and hide my scars before calling it a beautiful day.
By Evan Maina

Monday, April 13, 2015

What Do You Mean by Love?

What Do You Mean By Love?
April 11, 2015

Love is the unknowable. It can be realized only when the known is understood and transcended. Only when the mind is free of the known, then only there will be love. So, we must approach love negatively and not positively.

What is love to most of us? With us, when we love, in it there is possessiveness, dominance, or subservience. From this possession arises jealousy and fear of loss, and we legalize this possessive instinct. From possessiveness arise jealousy and the innumerable conflicts with which each one is familiar. Possessiveness, then, is  not love. Nor is love sentimental. To be sentimental, to be emotional, excludes love. Sensitivity and emotions are merely sensations. 

. . . Love alone can transform insanity, confusion, and strife. No system, no theory of the left or of the right can bring peace and happiness to man. Where there is love, there is no possessiveness, no evy; there is mercy and compassion, not in theory, but actually -- for your wife and for your children, for your neighbor and for your servant. . . Love alone can bring about mercy and beauty, order and peace. There is love with its blessing when "you" cease to be. 

As Long As We Possess, We Shall Never Love
April 12, 2015

We know love as sensation, do we not? When we say we love, we know jealousy, we know fear, we know anxiety. When you say you love someone, all that is implied; envy, the desire to possess, the desire to own, to dominate, the fear of loss, and so on. All this we call love, and we do not know love without fear, without envy, without possession; we merely verbalize that state of love which is without fear, we call it impersonal, pure, divine, or God knows what else; but the fact is that we are jealous, we are dominating, possessive. We shall know that state of love only when the aforementioned come to an end; and as long as we possess, we shall never love. . . When do you think about the person whom you love? You think about her when she is gone, when she is away, when she has left you. . . 
So, since you miss the person whom you say you love only when you are disturbed, when you are in suffering; and as long as you possess that person, you do not have to think about that person, because in possession there is no disturbance.  

Thinking comes when you are disturbed- and you are bound to be disturbed as long as your thinking is what you call love. Surely, love is not a thing of the mind; and because the things of the mind are jealousy, envy, ambition, the desire to be somebody, to achieve success. These things of the mind fill your hearts, and then you say you love; but how can you love when you have all these confusing elements in you? When there is smoke, how can there be a pure flame? 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

W☯E ☯D AY ☯

Voluntarily chosen limits empower your growth. 

Life lived without guidelines means a path with no definition. In order to makes genuine progress in any direction, we must first give some definition to our path. If you will define and observe reasonable limits in all things, you will be assured of steady progress.

If you're anything like me, when you seek guidance you either meditate, turn to the Tarot, or Consult the I Ching. These ancient forms of divination not only comfort in times of my deepest concern, they also provide me with some insight to what is happening within and around my being.

I usually go to sites like: www.tarotgoddess.com or use my I Ching App. Whatever method you use to seek guidance, please feel free to share it with me! I am open to trying new things.

Today's I Ching Consultation

Like wind growing stronger and thunder growing louder, this hexagram signifies a time of building up and amassing of energies. A time of prosperity, increased health and vitality is drawing near. Use this increased flow of good fortune to support others, foster your education or start a business. Expect a burst of creative power that will be sustained easily. Shoulder your responsibility wisely. Let forces combine for greater abundance and let your inner drive propel you forward.

Description of Changes 
The changes to line 1 indicate: "Increasing Great Deeds"- Set your aspirations high and step forward without selfishness. You will see the results. Seek out and contribute to a worthy cause. The changes to line 3 indicate: "Enrichment through Misfortune"- This line indicates that even if misfortune falls upon you, you will still be untouched by it. Realize you are free of error and blame, and unpleasant circumstances will not affect you. Support is guaranteed at this time.

The Future
Advantage can often be gained by moving backwards temporarily, before again moving forward. This is a time to take a break, go on vacation or spend time alone. Step away from the "battlefield" for a time. Be willing to survey progress as well as losses. Cut losses and allegiances that hold you back from your goals. Reevaluate everything. Retreat can be a sign of strength here. This type of retreat is not the same as surrender; this is a regrouping of your forces.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dying to Little Things

Have you ever tried dying to a pleasure voluntarily, not forcibly? Ordinarily when you die you don't want to; death comes and takes you away; it is not a voluntary act, except in suicide. But have you ever tried dying voluntarily, easily, felt that sense of abandonment of pleasure? Obviously not! At present your ideals, your pleasures, your ambitions are the things give so-called significance to them. Life is living, fullness, abundance, abandonment, not a sense of the "I" having significance. That is mere intellection. If you experiment with dying to little things -- that is good enough. Just die to little pleasures -- with ease, with comfort, with a smile -- is enough, for then you will see that your mind is capable of dying to many things, dying to all memories. Machines are taking over the functions of memory -- the computers -- but the human mind is something more than a merely mechanical habit of association and memory. But it cannot be that something else if it does not die to everything it knows.

Now to see the truth of all this, a young mind is essential, a mind that is not merely functioning in the field of time. The young mind dies to everything. Can you see the truth of that immediately, feel the truth of it instantly? You may not see the whole extraordinary significance of it, the immense subtlety, the beauty of that dying, the richness of it, but even to listen to it sows the seed, and the significance of these words takes root -- not only at the superficial, conscious level, but right through all the unconscious.

Monday, April 6, 2015

When You Are Totally Inspired

This morning I found out that someone I was really close to has moved to another state. This news was quite a shock, considering I had no idea they were planning to make this huge step in their lives, and also that I wasn't able to see them before this time. Anyhow, I am feeling inspired today. I am glad to see individuals around me executing the plans they've focused on so long. I intend that everyone continues working to progress and enhance the quality of their lives.

The Quality of Desire

. . . What happens if you do not condemn desire, do not judge it as being good or bad, but simply be aware of it? I wonder if you know what it means to be aware of something? Most of us are not aware because we have become so accustomed to condemning, judging, evaluating, identifying, choosing. Choice obviously prevents awareness because choice is always made as a result of conflict. To be aware when you enter a room, to see all the furniture, the carpet or its absence, and so judgment -- is very difficult. Have you ever tried to look at a person, a flower, at an idea, an emotion, without any choice, any judgment?

And if one does the same thing with desire, if one lives with it -- not denying it or saying, "What shall I do with this desire? It is so ugly, so rampant, so violent," not giving it a name, a symbol, not covering it with a word -- then, is it any longer the cause of turmoil? Is desire then something to be put away, destroyed? We want to destroy it because one desire tears against another, creating conflict, misery, and contradiction; and one can see how one tries to escape from this everlasting conflict. So can one be aware of the totality of desire? What I mean by totality is not just one desire or many desires, but the total quality of desire itself.

Why Shouldn't One Have  Pleasure?

You see a beautiful sunset, a lovely tree, a river that has a wide, curving movement, or a beautiful face, and to look at it gives great pleasure, delight. What is wrong with that? It seems to me the confusion and the misery begin when that face, that river, that cloud, that mountain becomes a memory, and this memory then demands a greater continuity of pleasure; we want such things repeated. We all know this. I have had a certain pleasure, or you have had a certain delight in something, and we want it repeated. Whether it be sexual, artistic, intellectual, or something not quite of this character, we want it repeated-- and I think that is where pleasure begins to darken the mind and create values which are false, not actual.

What matters is to understand pleasure, not to try to get rid of it -- that makes no sense. Nobody can get rid of pleasure. But to understand the nature and the structure of pleasure is essential; because if life is only pleasure, and if that is what one wants, then with pleasure go the misery, the confusion, the illusions, the false values which we create, and therefore there is no clarity.

A Healthy, Normal Reaction

. . . I have to find out why desire has such potency in my life. It may be right or it may not be right. I have to find out. I see that. Desire arises, which is a reaction, which is a healthy, normal reaction; otherwise, I would be dead. I see a beautiful thing and I say, "By Jove, I want that." If I didn't I'd be dead. But in the constant pursuit of if there is pain. That's my problem -- there is pain as well as pleasure. I see a beautiful woman, and she is beautiful; it would be most absurd to say, "No, she's not." This is a fact. But what gives continuity to the pleasure? Obviously it is thought, thinking about it. . .

I think about it. It is no longer the direct relationship with the object, which is desire, but thought now increases that desire by thinking about it, by having images, pictures, ideas. . .
Thought comes in and says, "Please, you must have it; that's growth; that is important; that is not important; this is vital for your life; this is not vital for your life."

But I can look at it and have a desire, and that's the end of it, without interference of thought.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Lords Never Worry

 ❝ Ⓞ    

Today is my birthday and I am glad to say that this week I've began to make changes to my lifestyle, exercise routine and diet. I indeed to remain positive despite the situations and circumstances I find myself in. This year I plan to release a few products from my brand, being posting collages again, and interact with more individuals on a daily basis. I believe that in order to optimize this life experience we should practice The Envisioning Method.

 Follow these six steps in a meditative format:

1. Love: See yourself for what you are, a piece of consciousness directly connected to every other life form on planet Earth.

2. Happiness:  Know that when you express gratitude for beautiful moments in life, you open the way for these moments to repeat themselves and grow in terms of their magnitude. 

3. Forgiveness: Know that at a deeper level we are one, and any negative charge towards any other living person is a charge against yourself.

4. Vision: As you wrap, mentally, tell yourself, "Let this or something better unfold in my life." 
Wrap: visualizing the different aspects of your life as you want them to unfold in the next few years.

5. Control: Visualize yourself making today amazingly wonderful too. You are must envision yourself living the best version of everyday you get to experience. You are in control of the attitude that shapes the way you experience certain situations and act under unwanted circumstances.

6. Support: Know that you are supported by the universe. Luck is on your side, and the Universe has your back. 

I've come across a document that explains how meditating on these six things daily enhance the quality of our lives by allowing us to be in a constant state of flowing with all that surrounds us; and also make lasting changes in body, mind and emotions. If you would like that document to begin your own journey of self improvement please contact me at nyooni@disciples.com.

Desire Has To Be Understood

Let us go on to consider desire. We know, do we not, the desire which contradicts itself, which is tortured, pulling in different directions; the pain, the turmoil, the anxiety of desire, and the disciplining, the controlling. And in the everlasting battle with it we twist it out of all shape and recognition; but it is there, constantly watching, waiting, pushing. Do what you will, sublimate it, escape from it, deny it or accept it, give it full rein -- it is always there. And we know how the religious teachers and others have said that we should be desireless, cultivate detachment, be free from desire -- which is really absurd, because desire has to be understood, not destroyed. If you destroy desire, you may destroy life itself. If you pervert desire, shape it, control it, dominate it, suppress it, you may be destroying something extraordinarily beautiful. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Trap Lord

Understanding Desire

We have to understand desire; and it is very difficult to understand something which is so vital, so demanding, so urgent, because in the very fulfillment of desire passion is engendered, with pleasure and the pain of it. And if one is to understand desire, obviously, there must be no choice. You cannot judge desire as being good or bad, noble or ignoble, or say, "I will keep this desire and deny that one." All that must be set aside if we are to find out the truth of desire -- the beauty of it, the ugliness or whatever it may be. 

This album is great! I love the transitions between each song. Check out this album if you're in an upbeat mood. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

There Is Only Craving

There is no entity separate from craving; there is only craving, there is no one who craves. Craving takes on different masks at different times, depending on its interests. The memory of these varying interests meets the new, which brings about conflict, and so the chooser is born, establishing himself as an entity separate and distinct from craving. But the entity is not different from its qualities. The entity who tries to fill or run away from emptiness, incompleteness, loneliness, is not different from that which he is avoiding; he is it. He cannot run away from himself; all that he can do is to understand himself. He is his loneliness, his emptiness; and as long as he regards it as something separate from himself, he will be in illusion and endless conflict. When he directly experiences that he is his own loneliness, then only can there be freedom from fear. Fear exists only in relationship to an idea, and idea is the response of memory as thought. Thought is the result of experience; and though it can ponder over emptiness, have sensations with regard to it, it cannot know emptiness directly. The word loneliness, with its memories of pain and fear, prevents the experiencing of it afresh. The word is memory, and when the word is no longer significant, then the relationship between the experiencer and the experienced is wholly different then that relationship is direct and not through a word, through memory; then the experiencer is the experience, which alone brings freedom from fear.

The Faery Star For Magical Protection 
The Faery Star, also known as the Eleven Star, is a seven point star made by combining a four point square with a three point triangle in a way that creates a constantly circulating shape or shield. This symbol is sacred to many Wiccan and tribal traditions because the number 7 is sacred as being related to the seven planets, seven notes of the diatonic scale, seven directions of North, South, East, West, above, below, and within, and the seven colors of the rainbow. This type of psychic shield once it is keyed becomes an eternally spinning shield. Whereas the pentagram which is a five point star always requires a "push" from outside to set in motion, once the Faery Star is keyed with electric blue energy it never stops rotating. 

A psychic shield is a great magical way to protect yourself from negative energies surrounding you. It will not only protect you from all the chaos and noise going on around you and create sacred space for yourself, but will also deflect the energy coming from another person thinking something negative about you. The energy from those types of thoughts from others can actually have a negative influence on you. When you key the shield, you are personalizing it to your own energies and programming it to defend against any kind or degree of psychic attack. An attack coming from behind you will cause the shield to channel the energy from it and pull it harmlessly through you. An attack coming from in front of you causes the shield to block the energy and scatter it. If you see your shield turning black or having burn or scorch marks on it, then you'll know it has been deflecting those negative energies for you. When this happens, just clean it up with silver polish and you may want to hold it over your firebowl with a mixture of pine resin and sage burning in it. Holding the shield over a column of smoke like this until the smoke begins to stick to it will help clear out negative energies too. 

Not only does the Faery Star shield protect you from unwanted energies, it also can help you control your magical gifts. Anytime you feel your energies spinning out of control, you can use the shield to ground your energies. 

Other Magical Protection 
  • Perform a 4 element cleansing on the mirror
  • Use your Athame in an edge on position to sweep the mirror from top to bottom with a sheet of electric blue which is one of the fire element colors
  • Ward the mirror by putting the Left Eye of Horus symbol in the lower right hand corner of a square or rectangle shaped mirror. Use a permanent marker or a permanent sticker with the symbol on it. DO NOT use the Right Eye of Horus as that is used to enhance spirit vision, divination, opens things, seeks and pulls which is the opposite of protection. The Left Eye is a natural mirror and glass protector from Egyptian practice. If your mirror is round or oval shaped, put the symbol in the bottom center.
  • Bind the mirror by using your Athame with a beam of electric blue energy projected off the tip and draw an X with the first line drawn from top right to bottom left and the second line drawn from top left to lower right. Lock both beams into the frame or the back of the mirror at the corners.

Besides using the shield, which is good because it is easy to take with you where ever you go, it is a good idea to cleanse your other spaces like home, office, and car. Use pine resin and sage or other cleansing herbs, burn a sun yellow candle or even better do a four element cleansing on these areas to clear out all the junky energy that may have accumulated. You can also use symbols or talismans of animal totems, deities or other higher spirit powers that are sacred to you to display in areas of your home for protection. You may also want to ward and bind the mirrors in your home. Silver and black mirrors can both be windows or doorways into other worlds. Silver mirrors access the level or plane that is reflected in them. Black mirrors, often called witch's mirrors, however can access any realm. Magicians and shamans create their own black mirrors for magical reasons such as traveling to other realms, but if you have any type of black reflective surface like on a microwave, dishwasher, computer screen, etc., other beings, magicians or shamans can penetrate your home shields and enter your sacred space. Spirits often use mirrors to take up residence too. Mirrors are also like psychic sponges that absorb all kinds of emotional energies so you never know what they may be accessing at various times. To prevent this, you can ward and bind your mirrors in this way