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Like An Atom Bomb

When you say "I love you", you are actually saying you have awakened a place in me where I am love. - John Rogers
Deep within our being is a place of peace, joy and knowing. It is a place called love. We are not taught to live from that place for ourselves. We are taught to shower it on others. We do for others what we will not do for ourselves. We give to others what we think we do not deserve. We turn to others for the very feeling that comes from self. We are love from the core of our being. It is the energy by which  we are born. We breathe love. We see love. We have our being in love. Why can't we learn to love ourselves the same way we love others? If we can live from our being of love, we can't help but attract more of what we are. Love is what we are. When we know that and live through it, we can live "in love" with ourselves. 
Affirmation: I Am Love.

A relationship is placing one's heart and soul in the hands of another while taking charge of anot…

I'm a Road Runner

Experience is a good teacher. but she runs up big bills. - Minna Antrim
If life is about learning and growing, why do we think our relationships are beyond life's classroom? Every relationships -family, friendship, love and marriage - is about growth and development. There are certain skills we need. Certain strengths we must develop. Certain lessons we must learn. Our relationships provide the perfect framework for us. We come together to share. learn and grow. Once we have acquired the skill, imparted the information or learned the lesson, it is time for something else. It is time to move on. That my feel like, "You don't love me anymore." What it actually says is, "You don't have anything else to give me." If we could move beyond the emotion of it and look for growth, ending a relationship, moving out of a family or friendship would be a great deal less painful.  We want to learn how to be grateful for everything we get in our relations. Somewhere be…

This Is Gospel

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is a process; working together is success.

Whether in business or personal relationships, what makes working together so difficult is the individual need to be right and to have things our way. As long as we have a position to hold on to we cannot come together or work together. If we are not willing to bend, we will somehow get in the way. We must get clear about what we are doing, why we are doing it and who we are working with. Only with an honest examination of our motives and intent can we surrender to any working or loving process. If we enter any collective agreement for only personal goals and with mental garbage, the stability of the group is jeopardized by our dishonest foundation. If we come together in honesty, work together in clarity, we can stay together with respect and meet any goal successfully.

Affirmation: I respect myself enough to respect the working process.

Most people enjoy the inferiority of their friends, real f…

Do Not Lose Yourself

"Love creates an "us" without destroying the "me."  - Leo Buscaglia
Love really is about people coming together to support each other. All the little tricks and games they play to get their needs met are just that, tricks and games.It would be so much simpler if we honored ourselves and trusted our partners enough to ask for what we need. Instead, we wait for them to figure it out; if they don't, we hold them responsible. What a cruel trick! When we let our partners know up front what we need, we have a greater chance of having the needs met. We must know that our needs are important. Whether it's hugs and kisses, foot rubs, reassurance or Hershey syrup and whipped cream, our needs do matter. Once we let our partners know what we need, we must accept their honest answer as to whether or not they can meet those needs. If they cannot, we must then decide if these are people we want in our lives.
Affirmation: I honor my needs by letting my mate know what the…

Rest and Think About It Again

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A Vision for Conscience
 We see a world where we have all realized that what we think, say, and do has an effect on everyone and everything else; where those of us who previously caused harm to another, supported people or institutions who harmed others, or brought destruction to the land, fully see that what we have done has affected the world around us. We see a world where we no longer distance ourselves from the feelings of those we've hurt, or the Nature we've uncaringly disrupted, and in doing so, our consciences have awakened. Now we know to never harm again; we know, without doubt or equivocation, that what we do, either consciously or unconsciously, to others always comes back to haunt us in return. And, as a result, each and every…

Love Is In The Midst Of Me

How do you know when you are really in love? First of all, you would not have to ask the question. Love is knowing, it is not a condition or state of mind. When you are loving, you are not doubting, judging, or fearing; you are in a state of acceptance. You accept yourself first, for who and what you are, and then the person you love, without question. You do not want to fix him, change him, control him or help him. You want for the person you love exactly what she wants for herself. When you are in love, you feel vulnerable and know that it is okay. You do not hide your feelings, change them to fix what you think the other person wants, and you do not question what you feel. When you are in love, you give, expecting nothing in return, not even love. Love is an inner process between you and yourself that you want to share with someone, everyone. Love is free. If your quest is to own, control, hold on to, protect or take care of someone, they cannot be free and you are not in love. Lov…