This Evening

"I Hate You"

 When I was in 5th grade I sat at the front of the classroom, all the way to the right, by the teacher's desk. I remember this day vividly. I was always one of the first students to complete my assignments with accuracy. After turning in my assignment I walked over to my best-friends desk to chat. She used to write really slow, but her writing has so much character that it didn't matter.

I was called to return to my desk shortly there after. To my surprise I had a letter on my desk. On a lined sheet of paper, front and back, read the words "I Hate Alysia Bulluck." I mean, the lines were completely filled. . . I didn't understand and immediately took it to Mrs. Boston - the best 5th grade teacher anyone could have. That woman was good, and stern, and comforting. I actually enjoyed what I learned from her, and her pardoning me from class for violin lessons. (-^.^-)

Why did I have to experience such hate during my youth. I can't even comprehend, even today how such an innocent spirit be exposed to such vibrations. Truthfully, who knows what she was going through in her home life. We later became to be close friends.

 I just thought it was a funny story that happened to me to share.

 Blank Slate / / Unice Kim


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