Don't Stop Doing What You Love

I cannot believe my last post was January 16 of this year. . .
But what a year it's been!
Today I am going to return to posting ; I miss it and sharing all the knowledge, wisdom and love I have for you all. 

As I sit here, listing items and checking my email accounts, I think of all the opportunities I've had and what I decided to do with them all. . . Opportunities in business, love, life! 

Why do we have such self-sabotaging behavior, programmed beliefs and actions?! 

Or rather, why do we decide to act from those places instead of literally taking a couple more seconds to make a better, more quality decision for ourselves and lives. 

Reprogramming is overdue. Reinventing the patterns of our minds and emotions must now take place. 

"Oftentimes things may be happening around you that seem to be discordant and you cannot imagine what is going on. But you must remain focused and steadfast and be able to see through and not get caught up in the everyday dramas that are constantly being perpetuated on this planet."


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