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Moving Through Time

This evening I happened to stumble upon a post from my boyfriend's friend. He wrote something along these lines, "Why is it that when I don't care about what's happening and simply going about life, everything works out fine. However, when I am actually trying to do right, the world seems to work against me."

Oh how we know the reality of this statement all too well. 
Sitting and thinking over this, I've realized that sometimes our consciousness seems to attract the opposite of our natural way of being; especially in our thinking. When we are seeking results from certain actions, we tend to attract the opposite. When we aren't focused on results at all, we tend to get exactly what we need.

Light Denim + Light Knits Kristi W.

Tonight I don't feel like it, but I might just experience exactly what I need. It's been about three weeks since I've been in the arms of the man who loves me. I've dealt with being attacked energetically, verbally - a…


Everyday I am learning the most amazing lessons through energy, verbal communication with other beings/higher powers and the ending/beginning of relationships. 
For the record, I would like to state that I am not a relationship guru, nor do I judge, condemn or focus my energy on situations involving others without their permission or consent first. 
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The past two weeks have been an eye opener. . the days and nights have opened my eyes (and heart) to my lover, my son, my family and friends. .even strangers. I don't go on my way without speaking to fellow men passing by. I'm doing the best I can to rid myself of previous conditioning and beliefs that limit me in my capacity to grow, learn, and love all that there is about this beautiful life experience
#4 Editorial for Imperium Kobiet Wioletta K. 
I forgive much more easily and I no longer shout or express anger in ways that can be both harmful to myself and other…