Everyday I am learning the most amazing lessons through energy, verbal communication with other beings/higher powers and the ending/beginning of relationships. 

For the record, I would like to state that I am not a relationship guru, nor do I judge, condemn or focus my energy on situations involving others without their permission or consent first. 

Thigh High Boots With Elegance Rosa P.

The past two weeks have been an eye opener. . the days and nights have opened my eyes (and heart) to my lover, my son, my family and friends. .even strangers. I don't go on my way without speaking to fellow men passing by. I'm doing the best I can to rid myself of previous conditioning and beliefs that limit me in my capacity to grow, learn, and love all that there is about this beautiful life experience

#4 Editorial for Imperium Kobiet Wioletta K. 

I forgive much more easily and I no longer shout or express anger in ways that can be both harmful to myself and others. I don't shut down or leave anyone hanging on, waiting for a response. 

No longer reluctant, no longer fearful or doubtful. I stand in my strength and am so proud about it.

There is nothing more rewarding than increasing your own personal power through change; clearing blocked energy, releasing burdensome emotions - I can't afford to carry dead weight any longer.

I've been reaching out to my closest friends, with whom I have not spent much of any time with in the past 2 years. Mending broken relationships with my brother, my best friend, and myself. 

Bright and Early Liza L.

September is such an encouraging month for : FRESH STARTS! 

Fall Season Anita K.

I vow to make this month one of the most memorable of this year. I intend to mend my relationship with the man I've spent that past 13 months with; to become a better mother, lover, teacher, healer, artist and business woman! To fresh new starts and healing journeys! 

Be Well Always,



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