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Floating to the Left And The Right

I lay here and think to myself, "Why do I keep asking for permission to love you?"
Why do I feel the need to ask you for your permission to say that "I like you", "I want to be a part of you again", I just want you to understand: I want you.

I have never felt this way before; not even when Ancient Language played all my heart scores. Not when I found myself running a restaurant and working 12 hour days . . .

Not even when I closed my eyes and walked away.
There is nothing as sweet as the taste of your lips, or the way that you speak that this soul, you uplift. Your words are always bright and your energy, like the molecules vibrantly spinning around in the air, giving us all so much love and light.

I constantly tell you that you're such a blessed soul, and the woman that will have you is the luckiest I know.
Hiding my eyes with both hands; when my heart sinks deep and I think of those days. .  How can such a man exist, you know, the one we believe o…