DIY Hair Mask Monday NOV 21 2016

DIY Homemade Hair Mask

Yesterday I made my 3rd homemade hair mask, but this time I used a different recipe in result of one of the main ingredients not being available. 
As many of you know, I have worn my hair natural for the past three years, which takes a lot of patience and care. I used to co-wash between 3-5x's a week to maintain the fresh look of my curls, however, I've changed my regimen to co-washing 1-2x's a week at max., and shampoo 1-2x's a month.  The texture of my hair is what would be known as a combination of 3b - 4a. Yes, I have 3 different kinds of curl patterns going on, and believe it or not, this is not uncommon. 

I wanted to share this hair mask for women who seek to add length, shine, and strength to their natural hair. Also very beneficial for women who straighten their hair as well.

 Here are the ingredients I used: 

  • 1 Whole Banana
  • 2 Medium Eggs
  • 1 TBSP Coconut Oil
  • 1/3 Cup Coconut Milk
  • 1/2 TBSP Olive Oil

Other Things You'll Need:
(If you don't have or need to purchase one of the following, link available, simply click) 
I used an electric hand mixer to blend all of the ingredients together in a small glass mixing bowl. Depending on the length and volume of your hair, you may need to double the ingredients. I have thick hair that extends a few inches down my back and this was enough to cover my entire head.

Note: Feel free to use whatever method *(tool)* you'd like to get the consistency of the mask you desire. 

* I used the mixer to mash the banana because it just worked out better for me that way.  

About The Ingredients: 
Nothing makes me happier than sharing information, so here I will tell you why I used these ingredients and the benefits of using them externally, (in this case) for our hair.

  • Banana: Rich in potassium ( Vitamin K ) which strengthens hair
    • Minimizes breakage by restoring your hair's natural elasticity
    • Facilitates repair of damaged hair
    • Moisturizes

  • Egg: Contains proteins and amino acids that boost the hair's supply of necessary nutrients
    • Fatty Acids and Vitamins that add shine and strengthen to the hair
    • Contains Vitamin A that improves the hair's ability to produce natural moisture by stimulating sebum production

  • Coconut Oil: Contains Vitamin E and healthy fatty acids that moisturize the hair
    • Encourages growth, adds shine, reduces Keratin loss
    • Contains lauric acid which is anti-fungal and antibacterial & helps prevent dandruff

  • Coconut Milk: Contains antioxidants that boosts hair volume
    • Fortifies and conditions hair with healthy proteins and oils

  • Olive Oil: Stops split ends
    • Contains Vitamin E which adds shine and strength
    • Adds moisture which makes hair easier to manage
    • Adds softness

Some Inspiration

For me, this year has been all about growth, acceptance and change. I've healed my physical body tremendously, and am able to function from a much happier place. I got out of a really negative relationship, changed houses 6 times and learned to free myself from childhood conditioning and beliefs. Through all of this, I'm sure you can imagine, I had a lot of facing myself to do. I utilized the wisdom and knowledge I've gained over the past 23 years to assist me, spiritually, in not falling down or giving. 

For the past 13 days I have been working on ways to improve my outlook.  

Thanks to Unity  and their "14 Questions To Improve Your Outlook," I've been able to ask myself questions and gain a deeper understanding of this life experience. I am sharing this with you all because I sincerely intend that you too will take the opportunity to learn and grow as the infinite being that you are. 

Please Affirm With Me: 

Today I choose a fresh perspective. I see possibility instead of limitation. I see hope instead of despair. I choose thoughts that build a better world.


  1. This sounds absolutely amazing. I can't wait to give it a try ^_^


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